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(Based on my ongoing research with elite athletes)

Cutting edge research on what is actually working for ex-athletes right now


“The crucial decision – what to do after sport” explores proven business models used by ex-athletes and sports people.

Based on research interviews with elite athletes from sports as diverse as swimming to rugby union and hockey to table tennis along with original management concepts and thinking.

“The crucial decision” covers the pros and cons of each model and how it has been used successfully by athletes stepping out of sport into the world of business and commerce. Mixing success stories from high street brand names with success stories from lesser sports, this easy to read book will set you on the right course.

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Why you have the mindset to be successful after sport (And leave the others in the dust)

As an athlete, you have tremendous inner strength, drive, desire and will-to-win.
More than “normal” people can ever dream about.
You know how to set goals, work to deadlines and most of all – regardless of the sport you competed in, you are hard wired to want to WIN.

Our research shows that THESE SKILLS are DIRECTLY TRANSFERABLE into business.


We have identified THREE distinct places where ex-athletes typically find themselves

Where are YOU and which of these pathways would you most benefit from going down?




Where ever you are – we recommend that you get your “success after sport planning toolkit.”

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The awareness ladder

Quick start video and printable pdf shows actual case studies of ex-athletes having success after sport

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The participation arrowhead

Quick start video and printable pdf shows you where you are in your sport and ideas on how to increase your influence

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